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ContiPremiumContact 5 with ContiSeal technology triumphs in Gute Fahrt summer tire test

  • ContiPremiumContact 5 shines with excellent balance and scores “very good” rating in all brake tests and aquaplaning test

  • Successor product PremiumContact 6 already available from dealers

The ContiPremiumContact 5 with ContiSeal technology was rated best-in-test in the summer tire test run by Gute Fahrt, the auto magazine focused on Volkswagen Group models. The tire from Hanover won through against nine other tires from European, American and Asian manufacturers. The editorial team tested 215/55 R 17 tires, with a Passat Estate as the test vehicle.

Summing up, the magazine wrote: “In this test, there’s absolutely no getting past Conti which, of course, is also approved by VW. Only the Conti tire scored a ‘very good’ in all the dynamic handling tests, including the all-important brake tests and the precautionary aquaplaning test. Not only that, but it’s also comfortable and a very quiet runner.” ContiSeal is a viscose sealant developed by Continental to immediately seal punctures in the tire tread from the inside. There’s no longer any need for an emergency tire change in cases where sharp objects – nails for example – of up to five millimeters in diameter penetrate the tread. Thanks to ContiSeal, 80% of all punctures are sealed immediately. ContiSeal tires exhibit the same performance as tires without ContiSeal technology and are available to fit all popular rims.


The new PremiumContact 6 is now available from dealers and will gradually replace its two predecessors, the ContiPremiumContact 5 and ContiSportContact 5. With this new summer tire, Continental successfully bridges the gap between a sedan tire with high ride comfort and a tire for sporty models and SUVs. The new PremiumContact 6 combines the highest safety characteristics with a high level of comfort, good environmental performance and a precise steering response. The outcome is a product that delivers an improvement in mileage of up to 15 percent and a reduction in rolling resistance of five percent, without compromising on safety characteristics. The new model will be manufactured in 70 sizes for rims from 16 to 21 inches to fit passenger cars and SUVs. Continental recommends that drivers start making appointments with tire dealers now for the switch to summer tires.

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