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PremiumContact 6 impresses with excellent balance in AutoBild allrad summer tire test

  • New Continental summer tire scores top marks in six individual criteria

  • 10 tire models in size 235/50 R 18 for SUVs were tested

  • PremiumContact 6 now available from dealers in 70 sizes

In the SUV summer tire test conducted by AutoBild allrad, the new PremiumContact 6 in size 235/50 R 18 demonstrated its outstanding balance, gaining top marks in six individual criteria on both wet and dry roads, as well as for rolling resistance and in the mud. In the opinion of the experts, the tire showed: “Very good adhesion in dry and wet conditions, excellent rolling resistance and good performance in the mud.” So the new flagship summer tire from Continental slots seamlessly into the tire tracks of its two predecessors, the ContiPremiumContact 5 and the ContiSportContact 5. Under AutoBild’s evaluation rules, it was denied the highest overall rating of “highly recommended” by a whisker, owing to an only average rating for aquaplaning characteristics. The 235/50 R 18 size is suitable for many SUVs; the test vehicles were a VW Tiguan on wet and dry roads and a Nissan Frontier Pickup off-road. The new PremiumContact 6 is now available from dealers in 70 sizes from 16 to 21 inches for SUVs and passenger cars.


Continental advises using premium winter tires marked with the snowflake symbol from October to Easter and premium summer tires from Easter to October. Despite some already spring-like temperatures, only specialist winter tires can guarantee maximum safety margins on the cold, frosty days that are still being forecast. And in the interests of maximum safety, Continental also recommends that all drivers of 4WD vehicles maintain a minimum residual tread depth of four millimeters for winter tires and three millimeters for summer tires, because below these limits the safety characteristics show a disproportionate decrease. In this respect, the forthcoming switch from winter to summer tires presents the ideal opportunity to check the residual depth and decide whether to buy new tires.

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