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Continental winter tire wins automobile club test

  • WinterContact TS 860 takes first place in test run by ADAC (D), ÖAMTC (A) und TCS (CH)
  • Automobile clubs test 32 models of 195/65 R 15 and 215/65 R 16 tires

In the recently published winter tire test conducted by the largest automobile clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Continental’s 195/65 R 15 WinterContact TS 860 was named best-in-test. All three automobile clubs awarded it top marks. ADAC gave it a “good” rating, while ÖAMTC and TCS rated it “highly recommended”. Summing up, the testers wrote: “Very balanced; top marks in the wet; particularly good on snow; good on dry roads too and in terms of fuel consumption.”

In the automobile clubs’ test of the larger tire size, the WinterContact TS 850 P SUV scored a “satisfactory” rating. In their assessment, the experts wrote: “Very good in terms of wear; good on dry roads, in the wet and on snow.”


The automobile clubs tested a line-up of tires from European, U.S. and Asian manufacturers. The test vehicle for the smaller tires was a Volkswagen Golf VII, while the SUV tires were fitted to a Volkswagen Tiguan. 195/65 R 15 tires are suitable for a wide range of compact to mid-range cars, while 215/65 R 16 tires fit many of the popular smaller to mid-size SUVs.

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