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Autobild: AllSeasonContact from Continental is exemplary

  • Continental’s new all-season tire scores top rating in first test
  • Journalists praise “exemplary handling properties on snow” as well as “best deceleration under all weather conditions” and low rolling resistance

In its very first test, the AllSeasonContact, the new all-season tire from Continental, was rated “exemplary”. The testers from AutoBild (Sept. 29, 2017) praised the tire’s “exemplary handling properties on snow-covered and wet asphalt, stable handling in the dry, best deceleration under all weather conditions and fuel-saving rolling resistance.” The test covered 25 size 205/55 R 16 tires from an international mix of brands, with a VW Golf VII as the test vehicle.

First the journalists conducted wet braking tests with all 25 models of tire, before 15 tires with long braking distances were excluded. The top ten tires were then tested in line with a total of 16 criteria. The AllSeasonContact emerged from three out of four tests on snow as best-in-test, while on wet asphalt it finished ahead of the field in three of the five categories.

The new AllSeasonContact has been available from tire dealers since the beginning of May. In its first year the new tire is being manufactured in 33 sizes for 14 to 18-inch rims and approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h. As a tire that is also intended for use in the cold season, it features not only the three-peak mountain/snowflake symbol but also the M+S designation on the sidewall. On the EU Tire Label the new Continental tire is rated “B” for both braking in the wet and rolling resistance. From Continental’s point of view, all-season tires are particularly suitable for drivers who cover relatively low mileage in moderate wintry conditions in and around town.

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