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A success story – Brabus and Continental


1. Challenges

Abundant performance and endless power – but always comfortable

Whether it be a smart-BRABUS Ultimate 112 with 112 HP, a Viano V8 with 425 HP, a GL 63 biturbo with 650 HP or even the Rocket with 800 HP and an incredible 1,100 Nm of torque (electronically sealed) – every BRABUS SuperCar boasts the ultimate in performance for its class. But also its “off-the-shelf” tuned fast cars spearhead what automakers have to offer.


The broad spectrum of different vehicles, combined with the enormous amount of power generated and additional accessories that boost tare, all subject the tires used to special performance and durability demands.


2. Performance

Higher performance all the time – always the right tire

The in-house production departments enable BRABUS to attain vertical penetration that is unique for this sector of industry. The quality demands that BRABUS places on its own developments, components and products establish benchmarks in the auto industry.


With Continental, BRABUS has gained a technology partner that possesses both broad expertise in the manufacture of sporty high-end products and passion and competence as regards technology and performance.

Together, the two companies are consolidating their competencies in the development and testing of the latest Conti SportContact tires. The goal is to advance technologies and manufacture high-performance, ZRZ-rated (>240 km/h) premium tires that are always state-of-the-art in terms of steering precision and deceleration properties. This ensures safe sporty driving.


3. Success

Technical progress joins hands with top-speed constructive sparring and helpful input at all levels of development. All of this is achieved without losing sight of the common mission, which is controllable high performance in all (speed) areas, regardless of the vehicle category. The cooperative partnership between BRABUS and Continental is exceptional. The results are impressive. To guarantee that this remains so on into the future, the two companies concluded a partnership agreement at the IAA 2011.